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[10 Dec 2004|11:52pm]

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Let's Make Trouble [28 Jun 2004|11:16am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Jubilee sighed. She was bored half out of her mind, with Pagie being gone with her two brothers and Angel.
'Wish I made more friends, once upon a time,' she thought to herself. She sighed and sat up.
'Maybe I can go vist Kitty at her bar...?' She thought, then shook her head. Kitty didn't really like her much. She sighed.
Suddenly, a thought peirced her mind.
'Maybe...' she thought, and grinned.
'Defenetly,' she thought. She got off her bed and went in search of someone to make some trouble with.
'This is defenatly gunna be fun,' she thought.

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I Hate Scott Summers [22 Jun 2004|02:05pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Stupid old-school X-Man won't let me be on the same team as Paige. >_> He's such a tight ass.
You wouldn't think someone like hime could get someone like Emma. Eh.
At least they put me in the Faculty Dorms and not the Student Dorms.
And at least Wolvie is on my team. =P

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Here Is The House [22 Jun 2004|01:31pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Welcome to the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.
As you are the new students here, I thought I'd give you the tour.
Introductions are in order. This is Charles Xavier's school; he founded it to be as a haven for mutants like yourselves. And like us.
I am the headmaster of the school. My name is Emma Frost.
The Main Building: The Fist Floor has classrooms, faculty offices and the ballroom which will also serve as an assembly hall.
The Cafeteria will be open from Breakfast to Dinner to accommodate any variation of eating schedules.
We have a basketball court and swimming pool out back...howerver, be advised that if you hear the klaxon go off, you are to clear the courts immediately. The hanger for the X-Men's jet is directly below, and the court is retractable.
::gestures:: This is the girl's dormitory building. On the other side of the Main Building is the boy's dorm. Past ten P.M., ALL students are to be in their dorms.
THEIR dorms.
::gestures again:: This hedge maze was designed by Giancarlo Betto, the famous mutant landscaper.
That's my office over there. The door is ALWAYS open.
On the second floor is the gym and faculty housing. But the exciting areas...the areas which you need a teacher with you...those are downstairs.
This sub-level is where much of the X-Men activity takes place. Down this corridor for example, is Cerebra, our mutant detection system. It can locate any mutant, any wear. Only a skilled telepath like myself can enter the chamber and use Cerebra.
This is the danger room, where the X-Men have advanced combat training. This room will remain locked at all times as the simulations are quite realistic. Only faculty and X-Men can open it.
The Danger Room conjures up obstacles or opponents to test control of powers and combat abilities. Danger Room scenarios are brought on line and kept in check from the station above.
That is all. You may return to your dorms. Thank you.

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